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Lee Swift, Jr. and Angus Green, Members of the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution at the Monthly Meeting at the Holiday Inn in Culpeper, VA.  October 15, 2005

225th Anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain, Kings Mountain, NC, October 7, 2005.  Andrew Johnson, Commander, VASSAR Color Guard; Dominic Lay (In the back) and Francis Lay, Vice President and Secretary of the CMM Chapter


June: Culpeper Minute Men Chapter Meeting,  (11 June 2005)

10:30am: Memorial Ceremony-Culpeper Minute Men Obilisk, South Main St., Culpeper, VA
12:00noon: Regular Meeting, Culpeper Minute Men, Holiday Inn, and Culpeper, VA
10:30am Yearly comemeration of the Culpeper Minute Men Battalion at the CMM Obilisk The ceremony opened with the presentation of Colors by CMM Color Guard Commander Jim Bayne and color guardsman Francis Lay. Included for the first time were new members (sans uniforms) with fife& drum, Lon Lacey, III and Tom Lacey. President Jerry Hubbard read the name of ten additional men who were members of the original Culpeper Minute Men Battalion: Philip Slaughter, Spencer Smith, William Southard, Francis Taylor, Harmon Utterback, Gerrard Smith, William Smith, William Stiver(s), Lawrence Tolider, and Rueben Wills. Rick Schnorff was the bell ringer as each name was read. Lon and Tom Lacey then presented us with an excellent rendition of Revolutionary War period music on the fife & drum. The colors were retired and we proceeded to the Holiday Inn,
12:00noon: Regular Meeting of the Culpeper Chapter Minute Chapter, SAR. Holiday Inn, Culpeper, President Jerry Hubbard called the meeting to order. Jake Lay, the Chaplain gave the invocation. Jim Bayne and Francis Lay posted the colors. Al White, 2nd Vic President led the Pledge of Allegiance. Francis Lay led the SAR Pledge. President Jerry had the members introduce themselves and their guests. Twenty four were present: Jerry Hubbard, Al White, Francis Lay & wife Carlyn, Thad Hartman, Jim Bayne, Paul Bess, R. Frederick Dorkey and wife Virginia, Lee Swift and wife Peggy, Mike Lyman and wife Marty, Rich Schnorf and wife Midge, Linda Yurinik, guest, Jim Lillard, Lon Lacey, Jr. and wife Mary Margaret, Thomas Alan Lacey & wife Jill, Lon Lacey, III, and Jake Lay and wife Betsy. A motion was made and seconded that the minutes not be read. (A summary can be found in the May Muster Call.)
Coming Events: President Jerry announced the upcoming events;
July 4th: Culpeper Independence Day Parade, Main Street, Culpeper. Volunteers are needed to help decorate the CMM float and to accompany it during the parade. Call Jerry. July 16th: Annual CMM Picnic at Mountain Lake, 11:30am. No August Chapter meeting. August 19-20- VASSAR (state) Semi-annual meeting. Leesburg, VA Sept 17th: Chapter meeting at 1:00pm following Constitution Day wreath-laying ceremonies at Montpelier, President Madison family cemetery, Orange County.
Report on VASSAR Activities Jim Bayne- He has been in contact with the Governor’s Office concerning the recognition of Constitution Day as a state-wide activity. The governor’s office stated that the Governor may make it a week-long celebration. Treasurer Report: Thad Hartman- $1945.00 in checking Acct. $126.00 in expenses. Chapter historian Report: The chapter website is up and running. Registrar’s Report: Paul Bess-Twenty-one of 26 applications for membership have cleared the National (NSSR) office. Paul handed each member a list of the state of all the applications he has processed. Junior ROTC Committee: Rick Schnorf- Jerry Hubbard did certification at Culpeper H.S. Dominic Lay did the presentation at Orange H,S, Thad Hartman did the same at Osborne (?) H.S. in Manassas. Thad says that the high schools in our district are not interested in competing for a state award. Veterans Committee: Mike and Marty Lyman donated hard cover and paperback books to the Veterans Hospital in Richmond.
Induction of new chapter members. Nine new members were eligible for induction into the chapter at this meeting. Five were present to be formally inducted by President Jerry Hubbard. Alanzo Leonard Lacey, Jr., Alanzo Leonard Lacey, III, Thomas Alan Lacey, Robert Frederick Dorkey and James Wade Lillard. Lewis Pritchard Kasper, Jr. is serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq. William Roberts Hurst is at the Air Force Academy. Angus McDonald Green is ill and Jerry Hubbard will induct him at his home. We congratulate all these new members and welcome them to our ranks!
The American Flag-Flag Day: Our very own immediate past president and VASSAR President-elect, Jim Bayne gave a very inspiring and patriotic presentation of the meaning of our American Flag and why we commerate Flag Day. He concluded by playing a CD recording of the Star Spangled Banner while we all stood and proudly saluted Old Glory.
The Color Guard retired the colors. Al White led the recessional and Jake Lay closed the meeting with a Benediction,
Board of Managers’ Meeting:
The first item of discussion concerned Grave Marking activities. Mike Lyman, State Graves Registration Chairman reported that the State committee would pay for one patriot grave marker per year per chapter. Thad Hartman reported that there were three patriot graves approved and awaiting marking by the chapter. Marking times need to be coordinated with the descendent families of the Revolutionary War patriots.
Jerry is to explore the cost of a Betsy Ross or Bennington Flag to add to our Color Guard inventory.
The Board of Managers .agreed that we should participate as a chapter in the Constitution Day activities, Saturday, September 17th at Montpelier, and then hold our September meeting at 1:00pm at a restaurant in Orange County. Dominic & Francis Lay are to scout out a location and report back to the chapter.
Respectfully submitted,
Charles Francis Lay Secretary, Culpeper Minute Men, SAR


May: 10:30 am: Captain Francis Hume Grave Marking 11:30 am: Regular Meeting, Culpeper Chapter Minute Men, SAR 1:30 pm: Blue Star Awards Ceremony, Military Veterans
Captain Francis Hume Revolutionary War Grave Marking Ceremony

11:30 am CMM Chapter Meeting and Luncheon. Lucio’s Restaurant, Culpeper. President Jerry called the meeting to order. Thad Hartman gave the invocation. The CMM Color Guards Dom & Francis Lay posted the colors. 2nd Vice President Al White led the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, and Dom Lay, 1st Vice President, led the SAR Pledge. Jerry asked all members, spouses, and guests to introduce themselves. Dom Lay’s wife, Dotty and their granddaughter Jamie Valenciano, and member Lee Swift and wife Peggy were at the luncheon in addition to those enumerated above. The following announcements of future activities were made.

Next Chapter Meeting – June 11th at Lucio’s , with Wreath Laying ceremony following at the Culpeper Minutemen Memorial on South Main Street. 4th of July Parade Float, Culpeper. Call Jerry to Volunteer. Annual Chapter Picnic – July 16th Upcoming SAR Color Guard activities include:
Dom Lay attending Buford’s Massacre, Lexington, SC – May 29th Jim Bayne and Francis Lay, Memorial Day Parade, Washington, D.C., May 30th. 115th Annual National SAR Congress, Louisville. Ky. July 2-6 Semi-annual VASSAR (Virginia) Meeting, Leesburg, Va., Aug. 19-20 The Minutes of the February Chapter Meeting, and the Multi-Chapter Meeting at Graves Mill in April were tabled. New Member Inducted. Kenneth Louis Jordan, a 6th generation descendant of patriot Jaqcob Merrill of Maine, was inducted by President Jerry Hubbard. Member and immediate past 1st Vice President Larry Alexander was Kenneth’s sponsor.

VASSAR Graves Registration Chairman Mike Lyman reported that there are three pending grave markings pending in the chapter area. Jim Bayne said he would like assistance in marking his Revolutionary War ancestor’s grave at Smith Mountain Lake, Va. Treasurer’s Report Thad Hartman. Present Checking balance: $2255.00 No expenditures this month. ROTC Awards Committee Rick Schnorf. There was a presentation at Randolph Macon Academy this Spring. Dom Lay, in his SAR Color Guard Uniform, did an awards presentation at the Orange County High School ROTC awards program on May 19th. Registrar’s Report Paul Bess. There are 18 applications in process for the chapter. Dom Lay received approval for his second supplementary application.

Support of History Day Dr. John Sinks. He judged this years presentation at George Mason University. He was very impressed with the presentations, even though the CMM Chapter had no entrants. He said funding was secured to send two winners to the state meeting in Williamsburg, at $50.00 per person. The meeting was then adjourned for lunch, and then removed to the Culpeper National Cemetery.

1:30 pm Blue Star Salute to Veterans on Armed Forces Day May 21 2005 Culpeper National Cemetery, Culpeper, Va. President Jerry opened the ceremony with the Armed Forces Prayer. He then presented CMM Chapter Award certificates and medals to the following members of the American Legion Post 330: Col. William Jadgman, Cecil Harris, Roy Harmon, Dan Goolsby, and our own Jim Bayne. Certificates and medals will be awarded to B. B. Bradshaw, Jerry Black, and Gerald Newman at a later date.
Jerry gave closing remarks expression the debt we all owe to our veterans.




Jerry Hubbard, President, CMM and Dominic Lay, CMM Vice President, at Wreath
for James Madison on March 16, 2005, Montpelier, Virginia

VASSAR Color Guardsmen Andrew Johnson, Commander, George Mason
Chapter; Larry McKinley, President, VASSAR and member, Fairfax Resolves
Chapter; Dominic Lay, Vice President, CMM Chapter and Francis Lay, Secretary
CMM Chapter, preparing to March in the George Washington Birthday Parade,
Alexander, Virginia.  February 23, 2005

Jerry Hubbard, President, CMM Chapter receiving Best Chapter Award from John
Dickie, VASSAR President, VASSAR Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA, February 2005


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