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2003 Activities

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November 22, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter met at Luigi's restaurant in Culpeper, VA on Nov 22, 2003. Awards presentaions were made to chapter members and a new member Alpheus White was inducted. In addition, President Jim Bayne gave a presentation on "A Fair Lady" a spy for the American forces. An SAR Certificate of Appreciation was presented to restaurant owner Luigi Castiglia. George Bryson, Jr. was awarded a certificate of Distinguished Service and Pin. DAR member Beverly Alexander was presented with the Martha Washington Certificate and Medal. Meritorious Service medals were presented to members Larry Alexander, Travis Lyday, Jerry Hubbard, Richard Schnorf and Mike Lyman.

Alexander Beverley Bryson Larry Bev Luigi Lyman
Schnorf White meeting22nov white rosette    

October 25, 2003: The chapter excelled again under the auspices and leadership of President Jim Bayne by conducting a Community Services Award Ceremony. It was held on Saturday, October 25th at the Hazel River Inn in Culpeper.

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Jones Lewis Rawls Rawlspin Troilo newmem

Awards were presented to several citizens within the Chapter's service area. A Flag certificate was presented to Joe and Judy Blevins; a Law Enforcement Award to David R. Rawls; a Fire Safety award to Joseph J. Fray; and Outstanding Citizenship Awards were presented to Kimberly Stickels, Student of the Year; Will Jones, History Teacher of the Year; Estelle Lewis, Challenged Individuals Counselor of the Year; and to Joseph A. Troillo, Jr., Chapter Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

Also at the ceremony, two new members, David Allen Colvin and Charles Francis Lay were inducted into the chapter.

October 19, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter participated in the Yorktown Celebration on the 222nd aniversary of the battle at Yorktown, VA. VASSAR conducted the wreath laying ceremony at the grave of VA Gov. Thomas Nelson Jr. (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) located at the Grace Episcopal Church. The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter laid a wreath during the ceremony.

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September 17, 2003: In the biggest event ever performed by the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter, on Sept. 17 the Chapter conducted the President Madison's SAR grave marking ceremony at Montpelier.

August 22-23, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter, VASSAR had four representatives who attended the VASSAR semi-annual conference in Roanoke, VA on 22 and 23 August 2003. Attending were Jim Bayne, President, Larry Alexander, Vice President, Mike Lyman, Historian, and dual member William Simpson.

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July, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter made an R.O.T.C. medal presentation at Randolph Macon Academy in Front Royal. Those in the photo below are Lee W. Swift, Jr.; Cadet Justin Kim and Major General Henry Hobgood, Commandant of the Academy. The Good Citizen award went to Cadet Michael Reho who was away on a college visitation trip at the time of the presentations. [Academy Photography provided the photo.]

June 14, 2003: On Flag Day, Saturday June 14, 2003, members of the Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter
and their guests laid a wreath at the NSDAR's Culpeper Minute Men (CMM) monument in Culpeper, VA. This monument, erected in memory of the first CMM Battalion members, was unveiled and dedicated by the CMM Chapter, NSDAR in 1933, thus this year being the 70th anniversary.

The CMM SAR chapter has annually for the last 28 years, laid a wreath at this monument on the Saturday in June closest to June 14th, Flag day. At this year's ceremony, the customary annual recognition of 10 enlisted members of the original battalion that formed in 1775 in Culpeper was performed by President Jim Bayne.

After the recitation of names and personal data of these soldiers, a bell was tolled.

CMM-Flag CMM-Mon1 JimLarryBev Jimreadsnames Monument2 P6140054
ROTC-Cert Rickmidge close-up-obelisk jerryswifts jimspeaks mikecert

April 19, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter sponsored the annual Tri-Chapter meeting at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria. Other chapters attending were the Colonel Fielding Lewis Chapter of Fredericksburg, the Fort Harrison Chapter of Harrisonburg and the Thomas Jefferson Chapter of Charlottesville. Attending from CMM were 14 chapter members. Many brought their wives and families. The guest Speaker was James Robert (Bob) Justice, President of the Virginia Society SAR. He inducted during the ceremony, a new member to the CMM, George V. Godfrey, JR.

April 6, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter participated in the Leedstown Resolutions Re-enactment ceremony conducted by the Chantilly and Leedstown Chapters of the NSDAR at Leedstown, VA on April 6, 2003 by providing a member of the Color Guard for the event.

On 27 February 1766, one hundred and fifteen patriots signed the Resolutions drafted by Richard Henry Lee at Brays Church at Leedstown as a protest against the "Stamp Act" of Great Britain which was passed at Parliament without representation from American Colonists. Because of this resolution, known as the Leeds Town Resolves, Leeds Town became known as "the Southern Cradle of American Independence." During the re-enactment ceremony many direct descendants of the 115 original signers were present to sign a reproduction of the original document. It was estimated that 200-300 people attended this impressive event.

April 5, 2003: On Saturday, June 5, 2003 as part of the Scottish Society's Tartan Day ceremonies in Fredericksburg, VA the Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter laid a wreath at the General Hugh Mercer monument there. After meeting and forming at the Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop on Caroline Street in Fredericksburg the Scottish Society led the Tartan Day parade to the Hugh Mercer monument on Washington Street.

In a presentation by Robert Bowen at the ceremony, Bowen stated "General Mercer is the only American general officer to have died of bayonet wounds in the Revolutionary War, suffering those wounds during the Battle of Princeton in January 1777." He noted that "military historian and biographer, Douglas Southall Freeman, in his monumental work on George Washington evaluated the abilities of Washington's general officers. Of General Mercer, Freeman said, 'If he had lived he might have been Washington's peer and possibly his superior.'"

March 15, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter held it's March meeting at the Luigi's Restaurant in Culpeper. Twenty seven members and guests attended. After the meeting, the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter conducted a wreath laying ceremony at "Montpelier" home of James Madison Jr., the fifth president of the US, on March 15, 2003 in remembrance of his 252nd birthday. The ceremony was conducted at his tombstone in the family cemetery.

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February 15, 2003: The annual VASSAR meeting was held at Sheraton Park South Hotel at 9901 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond. The CMM chapter received five performance ribbons, as well as the yearbook Award for 2002.

January 25, 2003: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution inducted their chapter officers for the years 2003-2004 at their monthly meeting January 25, 2003 at Luigi's Restaurant in Culpeper. Conducting the ceremony was Dr. Trice Taylor, President of the Virginia Society Sons of the American Revolution.

The new CMM elected officers are: President, James M. Bayne of Culpeper; Vice President, Larry Alexander of Culpeper; Secretary, Dominic Lay of Rapidan; Treasurer, Travis Lyday of Manassas

The new CMM appointed officers are: Registrar, Travis Lyday of Manassas; Chaplain, William Sudduth, Jr. of Warrenton; Historian, Myron Lyman, Sr. of White Stone, VA; Awards Chairman, James M. Bayne of Culpeper; Boy Scout Chairman, Leonard Cowherd of Culpeper; Graves Registration, James M. Bayne of Culpeper; JROTC Chairman, Richard Schnorf of Delaplane; Veteran's Affairs, Richard Schnorf of Delaplane; Web Site Manager, Dwight D. Lyman of Atlanta, GA.

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Following the induction, Dr. Taylor presented a very informative talk titled "Virginia's Paul Revere" about a patriot who performed a feat in Virginia similar to that of Paul Revere in Massachusetts. That patriot was Jack Jouett. Through his efforts the Virginia leaders of the Revolution who were in Charlottesville were able to escape capture by English troops led by the notorious Colonel Tarleton. This event occurred in the summer of 1781 when 27 year old Captain Jack Jouett, who was resting on the lawn at the Cuckoo Tavern in Cuckoo, VA saw the approach of Colonel Tarleton and his force of some 250 mounted troops. Captain Jouett quickly surmised that the objective of the English was Charlottesville. Since the English were traveling by the only practical route to Charlottesville, Captain Jouett immediately saddled his horse and proceeded through woods and extremely hazardous terrain, and by riding (over night) some 40 miles to Charlottesville warned the members of the Virginia legislature and others of the approach of English troops. The Virginia legislature had been forced to flee Richmond and had reconvened in Charlottesville. Captain Jouett's efforts enabled Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, Edmund Randolph and many others to escape the oncoming Redcoats. That was quite a ride when you remember that the ride of Paul Revere covered some 15 miles. It is said, "But for Captain Jack Jouett's historic ride, there would have been no Yorktown and the Revolutionists would have been only unsuccessful rebels."

We are indebted to Dr. Taylor for being with us and have appreciated his leadership of VASSAR. Following Dr. Taylor's presentation, the Past President's pin was given to outgoing President Mike Lyman. Marty Lyman placed the pin in Mike's lapel and then Mike was presented with a certificate of appreciation and the book "An 18th Century Perspective: Culpeper County" for his efforts on behalf of the CMM and the SAR as a whole. Another important part of the meeting was the awarding of the Martha Washington Medal and Certificate to Marty Lyman for her outstanding support and contributions to the Culpeper Minute Men chapter.

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