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2002 Activities

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December 13, 2002: Culpeper Minute Men SAR members and wives and families attended the annual DAR/SAR Christmas banquet held at the Culpeper Country Club on December 13, 2002. The hosting of the banquet rotates between the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter DAR, the Fauquier Court House Chapter DAR and the SAR chapter. This year the tri-chapter banquet, which has been held for now for over 20 years, was hosted by the Culpeper Minute Men DAR Chapter under the direction of Patricia Bryson (Mrs. George Bryson) who is the Regent. The main Christmas program was conducted by Jane W. Kearns of the Culpeper Minute Men DAR chapter. The entire event appeared to be thoroughly enjoyed by all the attendees.

Ten SAR members with wives and some instances with families attended while others who had reservations were kept home by inclement weather. Members attending were: George Bryson, Jerry Hubbard, Henry Pusey, Jay White, Jim Bayne, Jack Anthony, Mike Lyman, Charles Carl, Bill Sudduth and Lenny Cowherd.

November 16, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter met at the Luigi Restaurant in Culpeper, VA for their monthly meeting. A former War Correspondent, Compatriot Bob Bowen, was the guest speaker at the chapter meeting. He presented the slide show "Images of War".

October 26, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter held it's annual awards ceremony at the Hazel River Inn in Culpeper, VA on October 26, 2002. The meeting was conducted by Chapter President Mike Lyman and Vice President and Awards Chairman Jim Bayne. Chef Peter Stogbuchner who was trained in Austria and was at one time a chef at the White House in our nation's capital prepared the meal. Thirty nine members and guests attended.

The Hazel River Inn is reported to be the oldest commercial building in Culpeper and occupies part of lot #35 on the 1759 plot of the town of Culpeper. The building is listed on the Virginia Register of Historic Places. The original building area has handmade brick, hand hewn and pegged timbers and wide pine floors. The rear portion is circa 1790 while the front portion is circa 1835. The first level on the corner of East Street and East Davis Street has been used as a stable, tobacco warehouse, restaurant plus numerous other businesses. The lower level was used as a Civil War jail for both North and South armies.

October 19, 2002: Yorktown Day Celebration. President Mike Lyman, Vice President Jim Bayne and Compatriot Lenny Cowherd represented the chapter at the Yorktown ceremonies and in the Victory Parade on October 19, 2002. The chapter wreath was laid on the grave of Governor Thomas Nelson Jr. at the Grace Episcopal Church by President Lyman. Vice President Bayne participated as a member of the VASSAR color guard.

October 5, 2002: Our chapter presented a wreath as part of the memorial service to commemorate the Battle of Point Pleasant, WV, and specifically to honor and remember Colonel John Field from Culpeper who was killed in battle there on October 10, 1774. Other Culpeper area minutemen were killed there in the battle as well. Chapter Vice President Jim Bayne participated as part of the VASSAR color guard. Compatriot Lee Smith laid the wreath on behalf of the Chapter.

September 21, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter held its monthly meeting at the American Legion Hall in Warrenton. The guest speaker was Mrs. Carla Wing of NSDAR, who is also a docent at the Mary Washington House. Her presentation was about "The Life of Mary Washington", the mother of George.

August 23 - 24, 2002: VASSAR held its semi-annual meeting at the Omni Charlottesville Hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia over this weekend.

July 14, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter held it's annual picnic at the Mountain Run Lake Park in Culpeper on July 14th 2002. Chapter President, Mike Lyman conducted the induction ceremony and presented the SAR membership certificate to new member Richard Warren Tucker at the Chapter picnic.

July 4, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter participated in an Independence Day Ceremony at the Culpeper Courthouse by carrying the U.S. Flag, the Chapter Flag and the Culpeper Minute Men Battalion Flag. Also participating was The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2524; American Legion Post 330; Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 752. Pranas Rimeikis, Mayor of Culpeper was the Keynote speaker who talked about the Culpeper Minute Men Battalion.

June 15, 2002: On June 15, 2002, the Culpeper Minute Men (CMM) SAR Chapter laid a wreath at the NSDAR obelisk in Culpeper, to honor and remember the officers and men of that Revolutionary War Battalion. This annual wreath laying is an annual event that the chapter has performed for over 25 years This year, as has been done for the last three years, the chapter named and remembered ten enlisted men of the unit. They were Privates David Jameson, two Richard Jenkins, William Jenkins, Berryman Jennings, Thomas Jett, Yellis Johnson, Jacob Jessops, Charles Jones and Martin Grespy.

This year the Chapter was honored to have members of the Light Horse Harry Lee(WHHL) CAR (Children of the American Revolution) Society carry, post and retire the colors at the ceremony conducted by the monument.

May 27, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter on April 27th 2002 at the Randolph Macon Academy at Front Royal Virginia gave out two JRROTC medals and certificates to Air Force cadets.

May 25, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men (CMM) SAR Chapter laid a wreath on the grave of Revolutionary War officer Brevet Major Churchill Jones in Orange County, VA in a ceremony sponsored by the Colonel Fielding Lewis (CFL) SAR Chapter. The grave was located on the Wilderness Battlefield vicinity the Elwood house. This same cemetery contains the buried arm of Civil War Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.

William Simpson, who was Master of the Marking Ceremony, has explained the meaning of the term Brevet as follows: "Brevet is not a rank. Brevet is a prefix placed before a person's rank to indicate that he recieved a battlefield promotion but that promotion was not confirmed by Congress and made permanent. Churchill Jones was a Brevet Major. Jones would have still been paid as a Captain, although he could have been assigned the duties of a Major by his commanding General."

May 18, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter, Virginia Society, Sons of the American Revolution conducted a grave marking ceremony honoring Private Martin Fishback who served in the American Revolution.

April 27, 2002: Culpeper Minute Men (CMM) Chapter President and Vice President, Mike Lyman and Jim Bayne, set up an SAR display at the Scottish Block Party in Fredericksburg, VA on April 27th 2002. Approximately, 300 people attended the events adjacent to the James Monroe Law Office Museum. The displays purpose was to entice new membership for either the CMM or the Colonel Fielding Lewis SAR Chapters. Several interested prospects took blank SAR application blanks and expressed a desire to join.

April 20, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter sponsored a multi-chapter meeting on April 20, 2002 at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, VA. Members of four chapters attended, which were, besides the Culpeper Minute Men, the Thomas Jefferson Chapter from Charlottesville, the Fort Harrison Chapter from Harrisonburg, and the Colonel Fielding Lewis Chapter from Fredericksburg. The VASSAR President, Dr. Trice Taylor, D.D.S. and the VASSAR office manager, Mrs.(B.J.)William Simpson Jr. were among the 42 persons that attended. Guests of chapter members included ladies from ten USDAR Chapters in Virginia.

April 6, 2002: The Colonel Fielding Lewis Chapter joined the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter and the Fredericksburg Scottish Society on April 6 and placed wreaths at the statue of General Hugh Mercer in front of Kenmore House on Washington Street.

CFL Compatriots in attendance were Bill Simpson, Skip Nolan, Bob Bowen and Mike Lyman, who was also there representing CMM as that chapter's president. Simpson laid the CFL wreath and made a few comments.

April 6, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR chapter participated in the Scottish Society's tartan Day activities in Fredericksburg on April 6th. The chapter colors were first displayed at the Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop and were attended by Vice President Jim Bayne and President Mike Lyman. While there, the Honorable Bill Beck, Mayor of Fredericksburg addressed the gathering. The CMM Chapter then carried the flag in a bag pipe led parade to the General Hugh Mercer monument. There, the chapter laid a wreath and made remarks about the General and about the SAR. The Colonel Fielding Lewis SAR Chapter from Fredericksburg also participated in this Scottish Society event.

March 16, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter held their March 16, 2002 meeting at the American Legion Hall in Warrenton, VA. The total attendance including guests was 26.

March, 2002: Associate CMM member, Charles Carl, former President of the NJSSAR, attended the NSSAR Trustees meeting in March 2002.

February 22-23, 2002: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter was well awarded for it's efforts and achievements in CY2001 at the VASSAR Annual Meeting at Richmond on February 22-23, 2002. The chapter received two certificate awards and six ribbon awards at the ceremony at the Virginia Capital.

The chapter submitted Compatriot Claude Inskeep Guinn for the VASSAR Citizen of the Year award and he won over stiff competition from submissions from several other chapters in VASSAR. He will receive the VASSAR certificate and a $250 check at our March meeting.

The CMM chapter's contestant, Jonathan Hemler, won second place in the VASSAR Knight Essay contest. Besides the certificate, he was awarded a check for $400. Again, he will be presented this award at the next chapter meeting so please attend and give him a round of applause. President Austin remarked to the audience that it was an outstanding essay.

The chapter won the Best Mid-size Chapter in VASSAR award. I had my doubts after reviewing the chapter reports from several other chapters. Many thanks go to the chapter officers and members who helped the chapter win this award, The chapter won the Yearbook Award ribbon. A judge told me it was a toss between us and another chapter's scrapbook.

The chapter received a Chapter Excellence ribbon for conducting most of the VASSAR initiatives during the year. The chapter received the Excellence in Revolutionary Graves Registration ribbon and a ribbon entitled Excellence in Revolutionary Graves Marking. These last two ribbons were awarded because we have been doing the above continuously for several years now. The chapter also received the Yorktown Day 2001 ribbon for our participation in that event.

January, 2002: Installation of the officers of the chapter for CY2002 was made by VASSAR President, Dick Austin. Patrick Swann was inducted into the chapter as a new member and President Lyman, as representative of the Chapter, was presented an SAR Certificate of Appreciation for his successful efforts in getting four County Governments and two town Governments to proclaim the week of December 10-15 as George Mason Week.

Two youth certificates and recognition pins were given to Robert and Daniel Burch during the ceremony. An SAR essay contestant, Jonathan Hemler, read his submitted essay and received a $50 check as the Chapter winner for CY2002. A Certificate of Thanks was given to Melvin Helmick, Sr. for his special support in preparing an area for the installation of a Veterans Administration tombstone for the Revolutionary War soldier, Francis Hume. A board of Managers meeting followed.

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