December 2005 Activities

Great Bridge Celebration - 230th Anniversary

The group photo L/R shows in period attire shows: Larry McClanahan,

associate member and former President General, NSSAR; Thad Hartman,

Treasurer; Francis Lay, Secretary; Jim Bayne, past president and President

Elect VASSAR; Rev Griffis, Past President, Colonel Fielding Lewis Chapter;

Paul Bess, Registrar; Larry Alexander, President Elect; Dominic Lay, Vice

President; Re-enactor, 2d VA Regt; & Lon Lacy member.


                                    Moderator of the ceremony Jim Bayne                     Dr John Sinks                        Larry McClanahan giving presentation


Larry Alexander giving presentation            Lon Lacy giving presentation

Community Award Presentations

Jerry Hubbard presenting the Fireman Commendation Award to Anthony Clatterbuck of the Reva Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Jerry Hubbard presenting the EMS Commendation Award to Teresa Gouldman

Jerry Hubbard presenting the Citizenship Award to Nancy Weld of the Reva Volunteer Fire and Rescue

DAR - SAR Christmas Luncheon

CMM members and wives attending the SAR/DAR Xmas Get-together on 3 Dec 2005

at the Radishes & Roses Cafe in Culpeper, VA were:

Mike & Marty Lyman, Jack & Connie Anthony. Larry & Beverly Alexander, Jerry

& Shirley Hubbard, Lee & Peggy Swift, Bill & Angelica Sudduth, Lennie &

Mary Ann Cowherd, Lon & Mary Margaret Lacey, Paul & Monica Bess, Rick &

Midge Schnorf, George Bryson, Angus Green and Mary Frances Guinn.

In front Monica & Paul Bess, back L/R: Marty Lyman, Connie & Jack Anthony, Larry Alexander and far right George Bryson

Front table L/R Lee & Peggy Swift, Midge & Rick Schnorf, back table Mary Ann & Lennie Cowherd, Angelica Sudduth

L/R Rick Schnorf, Mary Margaret & Lon Lacey, far right Lennie Cowherd

L/R Marty Lyman, Connie & Jack Anthony, Larry & Beverly Alexander

L/R; Peggy Swift, Midge & Rick Schnorf, Jerry Hubbard, Marty Lyman, Paul Bess, Larry Alexander, Monica Bess; Lon Lacey


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