January 2006 Activities

2006 CMM Officers being introduced to the audience: Left to right;Larry McKinley, President, Vassar; Larry Alexander, President, CMM; Dominic Lay, 1st Vice President, CMM; Alpheus White, 2nd Vice President, CMM; Francis Lay, Secretary, CMM; Thadeus Hartman, Treasurer, CMM; Paul Bess, Registrar, CMM; Mike Lyman, Historian, CMM; Jake Lay, Chaplain, CMM


Chapter President Hubbard presents Compatriot Len Cowherd a Certificate of Honorary Membership in the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter, VSSAR and a War Medal for his son 2nd Lt. Leonard M. Cowherd III who was killed in Karbala, Iraq on 16 May 2004


Battle of Cowpens, 225th Anniversary Jan 14, 2006:  Jim Griffies, Col. Fielding Lewis,
Chapter; Francis Lay, CMM; Joe Dooley, 1 VP, VASSAR; skip; Bill Simpson, Col.
Fielding Lewis; Trice Taylor, Thomas Jefferson; Larry McKinley, President, VASSAR;
Dominic Lay, CMM; and others
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